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Private lessons cater to riders of all skill levels, starting with beginners who are taking their first steps into the equestrian world. We provide a safe and supportive environment to learn the basics of horse handling and riding, and our instructors prioritize building confidence and a solid foundation for beginners and up.

As riders progress, lessons adapt to their increasing abilities, offering tailored instruction to each rider based on their specific experience level. Whether you're a beginner getting acquainted with the joy of riding, or an advanced rider looking to enhance your abilities and skills, private lessons offer individualized and focused attention to you to progress at your own pace to achieve your specific goals.

Semi-private lessons offer a unique learning dynamic that combines individualized instruction with a small group setting. With typically two to three riders per lesson, participants receive more personalized attention than in a larger group, allowing instructors to address each rider's specific needs and challenges while also providing a setting where riders can learn from other riders challenges and achievements. This format is particularly effective for riders who value interaction with peers while still benefiting from tailored guidance. It's an ideal choice for friends, family members, or riders with similar skill levels aiming to learn and progress together in a supportive and social environment.

Horsemanship lessons are a comprehensive approach to understanding and interacting with horses beyond just riding. Participants can learn a range of skills including (but not limited to) horse care and management, grooming and tacking up, understanding equine behavior, ground-based training techniques, safe handling practices, and basic medical care and maintenance. These lessons help ensure that students become well-rounded equestrians who can care for and work with horses both in and out of the saddle, and are valuable for all horsemen aiming to become responsible and skilled horse equestrians.

In-hand lessons are specialized training sessions focused on teaching handlers and horses the art of presenting a horse without a rider in various disciplines (we have a strong focus on Sport Horse In-Hand, both Dressage- and Hunter-Type). In these lessons, handlers will learn how to properly position and showcase the horse's conformation, movement, and obedience. Handlers will be instructed on the proper use of the bridle while unmounted, and on how to use cues and body language to guide the horse's precise movements and enhance its presentation for a judge. These lessons are crucial to the success of horses and handlers in in-hand competition by teaching how to best showcase the horse's athleticism and overall quality.

We offer a 10% discount for lesson packages of 4+. Lesson packages are purchased on the 1st of the month and do not roll over if lessons are missed or cancelled. With 24+ hours notice, we can do our best to reschedule your missed lesson within the same week if our availability allows. Students who have purchased lesson packages are allowed one make-up lesson per quarter. If students cancel or miss more than one lesson, their weekly spot(s) cannot be held. If for any reason one of our instructors needs to cancel or reschedule a lesson (inclement weather, etc.), the student will not be charged and the lesson will be rescheduled or credited.
Please see our cancellation policy on our Book Now page for more information.

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pony rides

Our pony rides offer a fun experience for children under 6 years old who are not yet old enough for our formal riding lessons. These 10-minute rides introduce the youngest horse enthusiasts to the world of riding in a safe and enjoyable environment. With attentive adults walking along on either side (either our staff or the child's parents or friends), safety is paramount in order to allow little riders to embark on their first equestrian adventure with confidence and joy.

Frequently Asked

Is there an age limit to take lessons?

Lesson students must be 6+ years old. However, we do offer pony rides for kiddos who aren't quite old enough for lessons yet!

Do we still ride in bad weather?

Our instructors constantly check the weather forecast and radars, and will cancel due to inclement weather and inform the student(s)/ parent(s) as soon as possible if needed.

Where can i get what i need?

Any local tack or feed stores will have the basics, or you can check online. Our online favorites are Dover Saddlery, State Line Tack, SmartPak Equine, and even Amazon!

What attire/ equipment do I need?

We have everything your lesson horse will need for your ride! Here's what you do need to bring:
• Long pants (jeans, yoga pants/ leggings, or breeches are fine)
• ASTM-SEI Certified horseback riding helmet
• Close-toed shoes (I.e. boots with short heels--no sneakers, sandals, heels, etc.)
• Clothing appropriate for a family-friendly environment

More information

We can provide helmets, but we require students to provide their own ASTM-SEI Certified riding helmets and bring riding boots appropriate for their chosen discipline after 4 lessons. Please note that if you do not have proper clothing and footwear for riding, there's a chance you may not be able to ride--which none of us want! This requirement is in the interest of safety for both horse and rider.

While we try to keep bottles of water stocked as much as we can, we strongly advise that you to bring a water bottle with you for your lesson to make sure you stay hydrated in the Florida heat. We have a water cooler in our air-conditioned break room for cold refills, or a refrigerator to keep your drink (or popsicles!) nice and cool. 

Can i drop my child off for lessons?

We require all underaged children to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian at all times unless otherwise approved by barn management.

We kindly ask that all guests visiting our farm ask before giving any of the farm's horses treats. Unfortunately, some of our horses have serious medical conditions that prohibit them from straying from their strict diets--even if it's just a carrot. We also don't want a boarder's horse to accidentally be fed something their owner doesn't want them to have. Please ask your instructor or the barn manager before feeding any horse at the farm.

Can i feed the horses treats?