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No one person has meant more to the popularity of a breed of horses in America than "Bazy" Tankersley and her Al-Marah Arabian Horse Farm. She was introduced to Arabian horses because she wanted a horse with great endurance when she was a teenager spending summers on her mother's ranch in southern Colorado. She studied both horses and genetics during her teens and early 20s before founding Al-Marah Arabians in 1942, concentrating on the early imports from England's famous                        . Al-Marah (Arabic translation of "oasis"), was named in 1942 by Carl Raswan, who was the blood brother of a Bedouin prince.

Anyone who has seen an Al-Marah Arabian knows exactly how one looks. Those who have actually had a relationship with one - in the saddle or on the ground - have a far greater knowledge of what an Al-Marah horse is: a unique combination of unparalleled versatile athleticism, wonderful dispositions with classic Arabian horse beauty. They remain horses created in the vision of "Mrs. T". On the Al-Marah Farms of Bazy and her son Mark Miller, more than 3,000 foals have carried on the legacy.  

While Arabian type is desirable, athletic ability in all fields is the most important characteristic. As Mrs. T would say, "Handsome is as handsome does!" When talking about the great mares and stallions in the history of the herd, she would often say, "Those horses sometimes didn't produce the type I wanted, but they always produced horses that could do things well." Mrs. T loved introducing new people to her horses. In the 81 years of Al-Marah, we have touched the lives of millions of people from around the world in many different ways.  

Her legacy in alive and well at Keeley Clark's Al-Marah Arabian Sport Horses in Clermont, Florida.

Bazy "Mrs. T" Tankersley

Founder of Al-Marah Arabians

Bazy and Al-Marah foundation sire, Indraff

Written by Mark Miller

Crabbet Stud

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- Mark Miller's lifelong history with Al-Marah, the creation of Arabian Nights Dinner Attraction, taking over the herd after Bazy's passing, and more.
- Keeley's history growing up with Bazy, Al-Marah and Arabian Nights, a life full of competing, and beginning on a new path with her Al-Marah horses.