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Keeley Clark’s Al-Marah Arabian Sport Horses is the product of young trainer Keeley Clark Lizano’s multifaceted vision to continue the legacy of the historic Al-Marah Arabians in her own way. Her goal is clear: to provide expert instruction that caters to beginners and professionals alike while simultaneously nurturing the development of young horses of all breeds, and ensuring top-notch care and facilities for students, boarders, and horses to enjoy. She’s set to carry forward the esteemed Al-Marah legacy, ensuring its everlasting vibrancy in the modern equestrian world through competition and selective breeding.

We're a team of lifelong horse people with extensive experience throughout disciplines, breeds, and horse-related careers. Our goal is to help all of our clients and visitors not only succeed, but to thrive--and we're here to do whatever it takes to make that happen while maintaining a comforting and supportive environment. 

Rich history

Al-Marah Arabian Sport Horses is a product of centuries' worth of selective and informative breeding, horse care, and training. Keeley's program is the third generation of Al-Marah programs and bloodlines, and we work passionately to continue our legacy while also providing guidance and support to all horses and horse enthusiasts who visit our farm.

Knowledge & professionalism

We pride ourselves on being a full-service facility. Whether you need boarding, lessons, or training, you can rest assured that you and your horse will receive personalized, detailed, and compassionate care and attention from our experienced staff. We provide a comfortable and safe home for you and your horse with experienced staff on-site 24/7.

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High-End experience

Keeley Clark Lizano

owner & head trainer of
Keeley clark's al-marah arabian sport horses

Keeley and Arabian gelding Al-Marah True Dart+/

In the world of equestrian sports, there are those whose journey takes them to extraordinary heights--then there's Keeley Clark Lizano, a remarkable horse trainer whose story reads like a modern-day equestrian fairytale. Raised on world-renowned Arabian breeding farm, Al-Marah Arabians, by day and within the walls of legendary Central Florida horse-based dinner theater, Arabian Nights, by night, Keeley's equestrian upbringing is nothing short of unique. "I had the type of childhood that every little horse-loving girl could have dreamed up," Keeley says. "I was constantly surrounded by gorgeous mares and foals, champion breeding stallions, trick horses, and unicorns… it doesn't get more magical than that!" When considering other paths her life could have gone with horses, Keeley's competitive streak won out. "Of course, there were a ton of directions my life could have gone in the horse world. Based on my upbringing, breeding or performing probably would have been the obvious choices—but I like a little competition," Keeley laughed. Aside from the horses, she was also surrounded by an impressive number of successful and influential horse trainers from around the world. After years of leisure riding and exploring different disciplines, it wasn't long before she ventured into the competition arena, where her natural talent and unwavering dedication began to shine. 

From Arabian Dreams to Equestrian Excellence: The Journey of Keeley Clark Lizano

From Arabian Dreams to Equestrian Excellence: The Journey of Keeley Clark Lizano

Diverse Achievements Across Disciplines

Diverse Achievements Across Disciplines

With Regional and National Championships, Keeley's versatility as a rider and trainer speaks for itself. Her hard-earned achievements span an unusual number of disciplines, with her competitive career beginning with hunter jumpers, soon followed by the addition of dressage, sport horse under saddle and in hand, western dressage, and reining. Keeley's versatility as a rider and trainer is a testament to her 

dedication and ability to succeed in all competition arenas. However, she achieved her accolades with incredible commitment and sacrifice. Keeley spent her middle and high school years traveling thousands of miles, crisscrossing the country to compete and seeking out the best competition and opportunities to grow as a trainer. In addition to Arabian breed shows, Keeley developed another goal. "It was vital to me to prove that while my horses were doing great at our Arabian shows and winning everything we could, they're also athletic enough to compete in open competition [among warmbloods]," Keeley states. For two years starting at 16, Keeley relocated for the "season" (winter dressage circuit) in Wellington, Florida, where she trained and showed under the guidance of renowned trainers and USDF Gold medalists Kassie Barteau and Cathy Morelli. While in Wellington, Keeley showed multiple Arabians to success among warmbloods and top riders. During her time down South, she also earned her USDF Bronze and Silver medals, competing successfully through the levels with scores in the 70s on her Arabians and sometimes "borrowing" warmbloods to gain experience among breeds. In her Junior and Young Rider years, she regularly showed through Prix St. Georges and competed at CDI competitions at the Global Dressage Festival in Wellington and at Tryon in North Carolina, both on her Arabian mare AM HeyYou Star++++// and Kassie's Rhinelander gelding GP Delano with success. In addition to riding and training her show horses during those years, she also spent her time at home working with young horses, from helping mares give birth and working with newborn foals all the way through starting them under saddle and beginning their own show careers.

Dressage: A Passion and Philosophy

Dressage: A Passion and Philosophy

While Keeley holds a deep passion for dressage, her success throughout the disciplines underscores her firm belief that dressage is not only a discipline but an essential and beneficial foundation for all horses and riders--regardless of their level, goals, breed, or experience. Her open-minded approach to training and willingness to work with horses and riders of all breeds and aspirations set her apart in the equestrian community. "I truly believe that dressage is beneficial for every single horse and rider regardless of what their goals are, and my success not only with Arabians but with many breeds (especially those with main focuses on other divisions, such as reining, cow-work, and hunters) has proven that," Keeley states confidently. With a commitment to excellence and a belief in the transformative power of dressage, she continues to inspire and lead in her quest to unlock the full potential of every equine partnership she encounters. When asked about her goals as a young professional, Keeley passionately states, "If I could only say I had one goal as a trainer and instructor, it would be to teach people how to build and strengthen their partnership with their horse no matter their goals. In the world of horsemanship, there's something special for everyone, and I'm eager to be a part of that journey and to introduce as much as I can from my training and experience."

Keeley is now offering lessons, limited training spaces, and show coaching, and she continues her personal training under the regular guidance of one of her lifelong trainers, Kimberly Nelson-Dyke, and routinely works with other notable trainers throughout the year.

notable achievements:

• USDF Bronze (with distinction) and Silver Medalist
• 11 National Championships in dressage, hunter jumpers, sport horse under saddle, sport horse show hack, and sport horse in hand
• National Reserve Championship reining freestyle, where she performed a dressage x reining mashup bridleless
• 40+ Regional Championships in dressage, hunter jumpers, sport horse under saddle, sport horse show hack, sport horse in hand, western dressage, and reining
• 2015 Arabian Youth Year-End High Point
• 2015 Arabian Sport Horse Nationals dressage high-point recipient

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